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Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Services

The ability to make fast, reliable decisions based on accurate and usable information is essential to most business enterprises across all industry sectors.

The clear benefits that a Business Intelligence (BI) solution can deliver, such as Increased Productivity, Reduction of Total Operational Costs and Enablement of New Strategic and Operational Capabilities, have now been proven by a growing number of organizations. The Return on Investment that can be achieved through a BI implementation has now become a fact rather than a leap of faith.

KnowledgeBase Business Intelligence consulting provides integrated solutions that empower knowledge workers to access data from existing production databases and applications across the enterprise using the power of advanced data warehousing and decision support solutions and services.

Knowledge Discovery (K-Base) utilizes an Iterative or Spiral Data Warehouse Methodology, thus giving you a rapid, incremental, cost-effective and co-ordinated deployment for successful Data Warehouse implementation.

Our Data Warehouse Methodology includes the following phases:

Initiation Phase identify the user requirements and define the scope of the project
Planning Phase existing environment (constraints) vs user requirements (goals)
Analysis Phase domain and availability of data, nature of reporting need
Design Phase design logical data model and database, map source to destination
Construction Phase create physical database, extraction and transformation modules, front-end for user groups, integration testing, catalogs, models, reports
Implementation Phase automation, roll-out, training
Maintenance Phase housekeeping, support, evaluate information effectiveness

Knowledge Discovery has implemented several dozen Data Warehouses. Our Data Warehouse Project includes a full set of templates,documentation, best-practices and lessons learned accompanying each phase.

K-Base provides the follwing DW/BI Services:
  • Business Consulting Services
  • BI & Data Warehouse Architecture & Design
  • Project Management Services
  • Technical Integration Services

Business Consulting

Business consulting services consists of:
  • Business Intelligence Requirement Discovery (BIRD) workshop to develop BI/DW high level business and technical requirements before embarking on actual project or implementation
  • Business Intelligence Domain Consulting e.g. Telco, Banking, Airline, Retail and Insurance
  • Perform Data Warehouse Cost/Investment Justification

Technical Consulting

Technical consulting services supported by the Data Warehousing group are:
  • Business Intelligence application development such as Executive Dashboard, OLAP, Alert Management, Reporting using BI tools
  • Predictive Data Mining & Statistical solution development using Neural Network, Statistical methods, Scoring algorithms etc
  • Develop purpose-built analytical applications such as credit-card scoring, anti-fraud management for telco, anti-money laudering for financial institutions
  • Data Conversion/Transformation - Develop extraction, conversion, transformation and loading programs using ETL tools
  • Data Cleansing - Using specialized data profiling and data cleansing tools to cleanse dirty data and also standardize the data format in the Data Warehouse.

Project Management Services

Sound project management starts with a sound project process. We practice project management processes defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge published by the Project Management Institute.
  • Data Warehousing Project Management – Integration (Planning), Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communications, Risk, and Procurement Management utilizing our proven Methodology for Rapid Application Development.
  • Project Management Coaching – Transfer of Project Management and Rapid Application Development Methodology knowledge to leaders of Data Warehousing and OLAP projects.

FastTrack Service

Organisations considering a technology investment want to see tangible results right away. That’s exactly what you get with the Fast Track from K-Base. The quickest route to results, and a low risk, fully functional prototype based on a real business situation in your organisation.

If your goal is to achieve corporate-wide buy-in for Cognos products, the FastTrack is the fastest way to do it. In as little as ten days, a K-Base consultant can deliver specific PowerPlay PowerCubes and Impromptu reports to convince business users that Cognos tools will help them make better decisions—every day.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of Cognos business intelligence
  • Reduce implementation risks by identifying key issues early
  • Analyze user requirements and obtain user buy-in for the project
  • Information Dissemination and Collection - The utilization of Internet and E-mail system infrastructures for information deployment and collection
  • Produce realistic and customized project plans

This service is delivered by Certified BI professionals, who have many years of practical BI design, construction and implementation experience. All FastTrack certified staff have to go through a rigorous assessment which tests their general business skills, design skills and abilities to turn requirements into functional solutions using Business Intelligence Tools.
K-Base deliverables:
  • Establish Key Concerns and Business Issues
  • Develop a Sweet Spot of Information
  • Develop the Prototype based on sweet spot of data
  • Documentation supporting key concerns answered, dimension map, next step
  • Presentation to Management on success of prototype
The prototype in its completed form would be available for presentation to key users and management within 10 working days from the commencement of the FastTrack Project.

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