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EIS Dashboard

Knowledge Base EIS Dashboard is an Executive Information System that is designed to provide business users and decision makers to proactive monitor, analyze and identify performance, trends, risks and opportunities through a customized, visual presentation of critical information.

Visual Analysis and Alert Detection

EIS Dashboard provides is a visually rich graphical and web-enabled environment to rapidly build and deploy Executive Information System. Executive Information dashboards are usually catered for Senior Executives using a simple point-in-click and slice-n-dice metaphor. EIS Dashboard easily spotlights areas that need attention before situations become critical and costly by highlighting key measures. Drill-down capabilities provide you with the flexibility to trace problem areas directly to the source. The trend-analysis, variance analysis, time series analysis and traffic lighting features provide a powerful visual environment to monitor and set threshold for any measures. EIS Dashboard enables you to take in the "big picture" at an overview level or drill right down to the transaction level to get the detail.

Rapid Application Development & Prepackaged Application

The goal of managing profitability is to maximize. However, a prerequisite for the establishment of an effective Profitability Management system is the existence of a robust information system, which is consistent in quality. The traditional approach of extracting data from operational systems and manipulating them in spreadsheets cannot deliver the insight and agility required to compete in this dynamic marketplace. More importantly, data integrity and the quality of such manipulated data is questionable, leading to business decisions that are not based on facts.

EIS Dashboard is developed using Knowledge Base EIS Development Toolkit, which enables to develop EIS applications rapidly, saving almost 70 to 80% of effort when compared developing from ordinary application development tools. EIS Development Toolkit comes with pre-built component libraries, control gadgets and parameterized routines to minimize the development effort. EIS Toolkit supports royalty free run-time so that there are no additional licenses required for every machine. EIS Dashboards comes also comes with industry standard jump-start solution packaged solution for various industries such as Banking/Finance, Telco and Healthcare. EIS Dashboard for Banking comes packaged with various KPIs for bank. Whether you need to respond to new information by the minute, hour, day, week or month.

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