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Blood-bank Information System

KBase Life

"KBase Life” is Knowledge Discovery Blood Bank Information System. It is a web based software to manage, control & monitor each and every aspect of a Blood-Bank. “KBase Life” is the only software which offers a comprehensive solution not only to manage core Blood-bank activities, but that of Laboratories, Clinics, Back Office and Health Education as well. Its unique proposition is the extensive coverage across Blood-bank domains, offering 16 modules with seamless integration. The “KBase Life” software will cater to all the functional domains of a Blood-bank, to accurately and effectively conduct and manage their daily activities. It helps in managing and tracking information right from Donor Recruitment to the Components Final Transfusion, including all production steps, latest lab activities, in order to address all Blood-banks objectives.

 KBase Life has a state-of-the-art Lab Interfacing System - LIS which seamlessly interfaces with all modern lab machines, analyzers and equipments available today. The system has been developed by experienced consultants from the healthcare industry and conforms to international blood-bank standards. “KBase Life” is a proven solution which has been deployed at the National Blood-bank, Ministry of Health, Malaysia. It is fully scalable and modular. It incorporates a high level of security, user friendly and in line with international guidelines. The solution allows a common platform for a central site, remote user and mobile units to successfully complete their daily tasks.


Features and Benefits of KBase Life

  • Central National Database
  • Provides a Comprehensive and Fully Integrated Solution
  • Improves Malaysia’s Image in the Global Healthcare Space
  • Easy Implementation at Reduced Cost and Effort
  • Streamlines Processes, Promotes Efficient Management and Reduces Operating Cost
  • Provides Seamless Integration with other Hospital Applications, Equipments and Future Technologies
  • Provides Highly Secured Environment
  • Maintains Complete Inventory and Offers Full Traceability
  • Standard Reporting staff by linking reward to Performance with Linked Compensation

Technical Highlights of KBase Life

Comprehensive It is a complete web-based software and offers 16 modules to manage every aspect of a fully functional blood bank
Easy-To-Use It offers an intuitive and friendly interface
Flexible and Scalable “KBase Life” works in large National and Regional Blood Transfusion Centers, as well as for large and
small Hospital Blood-banks.
Security It understand the importance of blood in saving life and thus rigid security features has been designed. All access is controlled by personal encrypted passwords. The system has 3 different access levels and are available at each option with stringent Validation Rules;

It provides immediate access to full background information pertaining to :-

(a) Each blood component, whether or not it is
currently in storage;

(b) Each donor, including all donation test results and obtained components;

(c) Each patient, including all blood test results
and possible adverse transfusional reactions;

(d) Issue conditions to be taken with each patient

Robust and Integrated It is robust and can be integrated with other applications like Total Hospital Information System - THIS, Barcode System, RFID technology and many more
State-of-the-Art Interfacing “KBase Life” is capable of being interfaced with numerous heterogeneous equipments and equipments across various brands and models
Extensive Reporting Capability “KBase life” offers numerous precanned reports to help generate reports at the click of a button. The
software also offers ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Module Highlights

KBase Life is divided into 3 main modules i.e. Core Blood-bank, Clinical Blood-bank and Back-office modules."

Registration & Management

The primary responsibility of this system is to register both types of donors regular as well as Apheresis and to collect their detail information. The system records :-

  • Donor details and particulars
  • Demographic details
  • Donation history
  • Blood group details
  • Blood disorders
  • Award recognition
  • On-line database of donors detailing
  • blood type, antigen profile, most recent donation date and comments
  • On-line donor recruitment phone lists and letters
  • Donor appointment scheduling
  • On-line donor medical history questionnaires
  • On-line donor cards and thank-you letters
  • Donor inquiries
  • Donor Statistics Report

Donor Management

This software module facilitates in recording, maintaining and managing various donor information like :-

  • Donor personal details and particulars
  • Past history of blood transfusion and tests results
  • Donation count
  • Blood components to be prepared and
  • Blood collection details

The software module works in-sync with the Blood Inventory and Stock Management module and can generate transaction bills for Hospital Kuala Lumpur, other major nation-wide blood banks, research centers, clinics and universities
around Malaysia. This system has following value-added features :-

Seamlessly Integrated The system is linked with the mobile campaign management module to provide donor information. The software module has a checking mechanism for the Apheresis donor to avoid over donation
Built-in formats and
The system can generate ready-to-use standard
formats like letters, guarantee letter, counseling letter and retest virology status and so on and
Bar Code System Interface The system can interface with any bar code reader to generate various critical labels to be used for numbering samples of blood.


Mobile Management

This system helps to manage and control mobile Blood-bank Campaign or Programs and serves as marketing information collector. Its web-based feature works on anytime and anywhere concept and helps to capture datafrom the various locations. It provides following functions:-

Scheduling The softare module schedules for the various mobile sessions to be carried across Malaysia. It also provides with the scheduling of transports and staffs for the mobile sessions
Data Capture It records marketing information at the time of the blood donation programs like (a) Donor details and (b) Demographic details
Identify & Isolate It isolates existing donor regular donor based on their ID from the centralized database.


Blood Inventory Management

This software module will record, maintain and manage following information regarding blood related stock details. Units and lot-specific products received from outside sources and donors are tracked from the time they are entered in the inventory through disposition. It provides details on following:-

  • Whole blood
  • Components of Blood
  • Fractionation Products
  • Shipment details including those set aside for fractionation
  • Transport details including those set aside for fractionation
  • Maintenance and servicing details of the stock equipments
  • Unit receiving
  • Test result entry
  • Unit inquiries, transfers, pooling, edits,and quarantines
  • Component and aliquot preparation with parent unit data retention
  • Compatible blood type searches
  • Bar coding capabilities
  • Inventory controls
  • Automatic cancellation of product orders and reserve units for discharged patients.


Blood Component Production Management

This system provides an interface to record and maintain blood components production details. It has a built-in stable multi-level quarantine system. It performs following functions :-

Quarantine Information Publishes true physical quarantine info from time-to-time;
Statistics The module has the ability
to produce statistics on the fractional products
and it also records fractional product details
from various outside suppliers & vendor
Bar Code System Interface The software module can interface with any bar code reader to generate various critical labels to be used for
KBase life numbering samples of blood like : expiry date, batch preparation number, etc


Blood Transfusion Management

The responsibility of this system is to capture transfusion details for Cord Blood Transfusion, Solid Organ Transfusion or any other type of transfusion. The system in general performs following functions :-

Data Capture It collects detail information
of donor’s and recipients personal,
demographics and other clinical details like:
blood details, phenotypes etc. It also collects information of all stages of cross-match as
anti-globulin and check cells
Searching and Recruitment It helps to search and recruit potential donor
Electronic Matching It has a built-in electronic matching system which helps to locate and match required products for blood type, phenotype and other information.


Clinical Management

The system will be a central registry for collecting information regarding all hemophilia patients and other congenital bleeding disorders. The system will record information about the transfusion history, treatment of bleeding
episode and will monitor various aspects of hemophilia patents on regular basis. It also helps to track the complete history of the products being transfused to any patient. Further, expert consultation and awareness seminars can also be organized using video conferencing.


Lab Interface System

The system has a built-in “Smart Equipment Mapper” that identifies the type of equipment (Analyzer, Centrifuge, Freezers, and Amplifiers etc.), analyzes respective formats and integrates with it. It also helps to generate various mission critical reports. The application features are as follows :-

  • Multi-site and multi-facility specimen tracking and lab support, including automatic transfer of data among laboratories in the network
  • Accurate, up-to-the-minute patient data and change information
  • Automatic generation of collection lists,labels and worksheets
  • Instant comparison and statistical analysis of test results
  • Integrated inventory management and maintenance scheduling for lab equipments
  • Storage and retrieval of historical patient data
Some of the standard features of this application are as given below:-

Rule Based Logic The application has the rule based logic capability which can be applied to many laboratory routines. These rules help technologist establish, perform and
maintain lab procedures
Specimen Collection and Verification a) User-definable specimen and collection list
labels; (b) Automated specimen storage to
identify location of specimen; (c) Ability to
generate bar code labels for specimens; (d)
Multi-site tracking; (e) Receipt of individual
specimen; and (f) Re-collection and reprint
label capabilities;
Automated Worksheet (a) Specimen arranged by priority; (b) User control of worksheet batch size and formats; (c) Addition, deletion or rearrangement of specimens; (d) Unlimited sequencing of quality control and
patient specimen; and (e) Capability to reprint
test results;
Result Entry (a) Result entry by specimen, donor or patient; (b) Instant checking and percentage differences; and (c) Ability to process multi specimens aerated for tolerance tests via analyzers;
Result Verification (a) Test results withheld from reporting until verified (but able to view); (b) Immediate publish of report; and (c) Automatic attachment of comments to an edited result and to the audit trail of a transaction
Sample Report (a) Sample detail report;
(b) Summary on medical record number;
(c) User definable format capabilities; and (d) In
addition to these reports, a series of management
reports helps the healthcare organization
maintain an efficient laboratory operation
Quality Control & Quality Assurance
A series of QC features enables an organization
to monitor the accuracy of test results.


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